Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picture Post... and another new puppy.

I don't really have any news to share this time, but I wanted to post a few pictures since I really haven't in a while.

I just really love this picture... we took Jack and Molly to the lake to swim, and they smelled gross and needed afterwards. So, we hosed them down in the back yard for the first time, and I think Jackjack thought he was being punished. he was sitting on the deck shivering looking SOO pitiful afterward, I just had to take a picture! haha!

 After I posted this... I just realize that I never posted about Jack!! After we went to the farm and picked out Molly (which I posted about a couple of months ago), we went back to visit. She was so little the day we picked her out, that we were able to hold her but she wasn't big enough to run around in the grass. The breeder guy said that we should come back one time to see her when she was old enough to run around and interact with the other dogs. SO, when we went back, she was running around in the grass, and one of the little boy puppies was following her around EVERYWHERE. Then, when all the puppies fell asleep in their little dog house thing, the two of them stayed by us and just kept crawling into our laps. We joked about how we felt so horrible for having to leave Molly's sidekick behind when we would eventually take her home. So... we bought both. They are definitely a handful, but it's so fun having TWO snuggly puppies to cuddle with instead of just one!

The light one is Molly, and the dark one is Jack.

These next two are from when Kurt and I went to our highschool's football game last week

That's about it. Sorry, not a very exciting post but I felt like I needed to do an update of some kind since it's been a little bit! :)

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MV said...

Oh my cuteness! Your pups are adorable!

The McNeil Family said...

Awww, poor puppy. Such a pitiful, bottom lip sticking out picture. Though I am sure they smelled MUCH better.

And you and Kurt are just too darn cute together!! Beautiful pictures together as always!!

Love you!

Lara + Chris said...

Your puppies are sooooo cute! I'm glad you got them both. :) And I love that picture of you and Kurt. Darling!

Holly said...

It's nice that they have each other as playmates :)

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