Wednesday, November 17, 2010

50 free holiday cards!

I am constantly scouring the blogs I follow for awesome deals. The ones I take advantage of the most are for free or super cheap photo prints to order online, because I love the matte finish, and our local stores only print the glossy kind.

But this deal is even BETTER than free prints, and all you have to do to take advantage of it is write about it on your blog. So all of my fellow new mommy and newlywed bloggers, this post is for you!

Currently, shutterfly cards if you write about their new line in your blog. So here we go :)

As newlyweds (it's so fun to finally be able to say that!) Kurt and I are going to send out our first set of Christmas cards together this year. Last year, we had planned on buying some, but ended up having to send so many thank you cards for sympathy gifts so close to Christmas, that we didn't end up sending any holiday cards. I have had it in my head all along, that since we are having a november wedding, we should send out cards with a wedding picture of us on the front. However, those are pricey, and after sending out our wedding invitations to so many people, we realized that we have a VERY long Christmas card list! But this totally helps us out. I am more than happy to write about something that I would have probably spent extra money on to order, anyway!

How gorgeous would THIS one be, with a wedding picture on the cover?

And wouldn't THESE personalized photo mugs be great stocking stuffers for parents and grandparents?

Now that our gifts will be coming from "The Millers" and not just from "Betsy and Kurt", I would love to order THESE personalized tags to put on all of the gifts we'll be giving this season.

Have you posted about the 50 free holiday cards on YOUR blog yet? If not, you should! It's definitely worth the time that it would take to write about :)
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katie said...

Drew and I are sending out our first Christmas cards, too! I wish I would have known about this SOONER. OR waiting until TODAY. Ugh. I just got some Monday! Bummer! I want to see what you decide on!!

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