Monday, November 22, 2010

October Challenge: Days 26-30

Well.... this, for some reason, never posted back in October like I thought it had. I just found it sitting in my drafts folder. So here it is!

Day 26 - Your week, in great detail.

Mondays are practicum days. I'm at the office all day until about 3:30 or so. After that, I have an evening class until about 7ish. Tuesdays I have class all day, and Wednesdays I'm at the office all day, and then I work in the evenings. Thursdays are my ONLY day off out of rthe entire week, and I usually spend them running wedding related errands etc. I can't wait for the first thursday after the wedding. I am going to lay on the couch all. day. long. Ha! Fridays I'm at my practicum again. Friday evening Kurt and I usually try to do something fun, because we don't get to spend a ton of time together during the week. Saturdays I sometimes have off, but there's also a pretty good chance that I'll be at the office again. Sundays are work days. Pretty exciting, right?

Day 27 - Your worst habit since your child's death.

I don't really think I have any horrible habits... or at least any that I didn't have before Olivia died. I know that I do procrastinate a bit more. It's gotten a lot better than it was towards the beginning. I've thought about it quite a bit, and I really think I developed the procrastination habit because for a while there, nothing seemed important at all. The only thing that seemed important was Olivia, and so if I wasn't reading a grief/loss book or working on some sort of project related to her, I didn't want to do anything at all. Now I think I'm just back to my normal level of procrastination... which is still a bad habit that I should probably work on. :)

Day 28 - What's in your handbag/purse.

Ha! What isn't in my bag? I'm too tired to get off of my bed and go find my purse to see what's in it, but I know there's a ton of stuff. A little personal plastic thing of kleenex, my wallet, tanning lotion, 3030020111 pens and hilighters that have gotten thrown in there throughout the semester, a little pink photo album that has some pictures of Olivia inside, my ipod, chapstick/MAC lipgloss, receipts, some folded up program things from church, ibuprofin, a couple of coasters from a bar in San Diego that were supposed to go in the scrapbook but haven't made it there yet, my little camera....

Day 29 & Day 30 - Hopes, Dreams, and Plans

I combined these two days... one of them was supposed to be just Homes, Dreams, and Plans, and the other one was for the next 365 days. I'm tired and didn't feel like writing two seperate things :). My hopes, dreams, and plans are pretty simple, really. I just want us to be happy. Our family has been through so much over the past year or so, I think that ALL of us (including Kurt and I, our parents and our siblings) deserve to have a little period of happiness, where nothing goes wrong, where there are no more sudden deaths or tragedies, and we can enjoy life without the fear of something upsetting happening again. I don't feel like that's too much to ask for! is it?
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