Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Olivia's Nursery

I just wanted to share some pictures of Livie's bedroom. We had it almost all the way finished before she was born, but we finished everything when we came home from the hospital. Olivia won't be coming home to spend time in it, but it's still her room, and it felt wrong to leave it unfinished. We hadn't brought the rocking chair over to our apartment yet (It's in my parents' basement), so Kurt came up with the idea to buy a loveseat or a big chair to go in the empty corner so that we can use it as a quiet room to relax and remember our little one. Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon!

Olivia's crib that Daddy put together

Close up of the letters that I painted, along with part of Livie's bedding, and wooden pegs I found to match.

Our two favorite things - Livie's teddy bear snow suit and her pink and white outfit that we were planning on using as her "coming home" outfit from the hospital. You can't tell, but it says "Thank heaven for little girls" - I loved the pink outfit they gave to us to use in the hospital because it said the same thing.


Pink and Orange shelves that I painted to match everything else

Livie's dresser, along with the animal paintings that I did. The elephant is wearing Daddy's hair cover from my c-section.


Anonymous said...

I am your mom's friend from Wheeler and wanted to let you know that I am keeping your family in our prayers. Olivia's baby room is beautiful, I hope that it brings you a sense of peace. Take care! Love and prayers, Kate

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