Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Things

Things have been REALLY good lately, and I am so thankful for it. I need this.

On Friday, Kurt and I had our first pre-marriage counseling session with our pastor. I was a little bit nervous for it, just because I knew we were going to be going over the results of the PREPARE test that each of us had to take by ourselves online. I know that Kurt and I have most of the same feelings about things in our relationship, but for some reason I was kind of freaking myself out that some of our answers would be complete opposites. It went really well though, and we both left feeling pretty good. :)
After that, we went home to find that our new leather chair had been delivered! I don't know if you all remember, but I wrote a post a few months ago about how we were hoping to turn Olivia's room into a "quiet room" at our old apartment. Kurt's mom read it and gave us a gift card to a furniture store for Christmas so that we could buy a couch for the room. Well, we've moved since then and we don't have an extra room to make into a quiet room! We decided instead to go pick out a leather recliner because Kurt has been practically wetting his pants about getting one ever since we moved in together! ha! His dad has one that he watches tv in every night and I think Kurt was jealous! Our old living room was WAY too small, but it looks GREAT in here! We also used part of the gift card on a huge wooden bookshelf. Kurt and I are Barnes & Noble and Amazon addicts, and both of us seem to always get emotionally attached to our books... which means, we have WAY too many. Most of our books have  been in big rubbermaid tubs since we moved in (I know they were all on shelves in the old apartment, I can't figure out how I made room for them there!?), and it's been driving me crazy. I can't wait to set it up (it looks like its going to be a biotch to assemble), and finally have this place looking like a home!

Anyway, after that we picked up lunch at Panera and went on a beautiful motorcycle ride to Mahoney State Park! It was our first "long" motorcycle trip and it was so much fun. We came home and took Buddy running at the lake, and then made steaks for dinner. It was the best day we've had in a VERY long time.
On Saturday, our families went out to eat together (minus Kurt's Dad who was out of town for work). I love when we have a chance to all get together - it doesn't happen often enough! Here's a picture of me with my mom and sister, and Kurt with his little sister Jordynn. I didn't get any group shots, which always drives me NUTS when I get home and realize I never got one.

And to finish our lovely weekend, Kurt and I went and picked up a new patio table with a fire pit in the middle! We ate dinner outside last night and spent the whole evening relaxing and enjoying the weather. It was so nice! Not the best picture, but I was taking them in the dark and I couldn't see!

One more thing, I posted a week or two ago about being stressed out with school and worrying about where I would be placed for my practicum next year. I found out that I got my FIRST CHOICE!! I am so excited and completly releived. I'll be working at an international adoption agency, and will get to do home studies and work with parents on parenting skills and help teach them about what to expect from whichever country they're adopting through. I think that finding that out kind of re-energized as far as school goes, and I'm a little bit more motivated to finish out the semester.

Okay, that's enough for today... Hope everyone's having a great week! :)

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The McNeil Family said...

Oh Betsy, I am so happy that HAPPY things are happening for you!! Hope your week continues to be blessed. Love ya!! Mere

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Donna said...

Looks like your life is progressing in a wonderful way...enjoy the new chair!!

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