Sunday, April 25, 2010

Team Livie Bean & Her Name in the Sand

Today was our March for Babies, and it was amazing. Our team raised $600, which surpised and humbled us beyond belief. HUGE thanks to everyone who donated and particpated. you have no idea how much it means to both of us.

We asked people to donate to Children's Hospital and to NILDMDTS in liu of flowers when Olivia passed away, and my mom's side of the family made a donation to NILMDTS for Christmas. Because so many people donated in her name just a few months ago, I wasn't sure if we would get much of a response for March of Dimes. I felt kind of guilty for asking for more, so I sent out one e-mail and a facebook post just letting people know that they could donate if they wanted to. We are both so shocked at the response we received. Maybe next year, I'll be a little more proactive with fundraising. :)

Last night, Kurt's mom was at Hobby Lobby and saw these clear plastic buttons, and called us to see if we wanted her to get them for us. SUCH a great idea! I stayed up way too late last night figuring out the design ( I realized I'm way too much of a perfectionist when it comes to small things like centering letters) and cutting the pictures out. I'm so glad we had these.

It was freezing here today, the coldest it's been in weeks... and SUPER windy! But it was such a fun day. FIFTEEN people  + one Buddy walked for Livie, and I know countless others were thinking of us during the walk.
Of course, buddy got his own shirt, and button!

Before the walk started, we were interviewed by WOWT Channel 6 News! The reporter said that our shirts caught his eye and that he was struck by the fact that even though our loss is so recent, we are still out being proactive to protect other families. When he came over, I thought he was just taking pictures of our shirts. When he asked me if I would mind answering some questions for the camera I felt like I was having an anxiety attack! If they ever post the video on their website, I'll re-post it here... my voice is shaking! I have dreamed of the moment that I would be able to share Olivia's story publicly (other than this blog and while talking to friends and people that I know), and I wish I'd been just a little bit more prepared! I said no at first because I didn't think I'd be able to get through it without crying, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be :). It never even crossed my mind that the news would be at the March, let alone want to talk to us. My friend Alysha who walked today sent me a text message after she saw the news and said that she knows we were chosen to be interviewed out of all the other parents there, because God is using Olivia to touch so many people's lives.

 Not the best picture of us ever, but I'm glad someone thought to take pictures while we were being interviewed!

If there is a "silver lining" to this cloud that we are living in the middle of, that's what it is. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that my little girl would have such a profound impact on so many people. While we were in the hospital I thought a lot about how no one would get to know her, or see how pretty she was.

#1 reason why I'm so glad that we made the buttons? The news zoomed in on one of them, which means that the entire city was able to see her sweet face. And that makes me so happy, I could hardly think about anything else for the rest of the afternoon.

You can click here to read the story on

I felt her with us all day today, and as my friend Lindsey put it so perfectly "I'm sure baby olivia was up there cheering you all on and doing little baby happy dances for her amazing mama and daddy!"

We miss you sweet girl!


I was going to create another post for this, but I didn't want the March for Babies one to get bumped down just yet. I post on a message board for pregnancy loss, and have had the privelege of "meeting" some wonderful women who have experienced either a late-term pregnancy loss, or the loss of their infant shortly after birth. This past weekend, Lara, who happens to be from right here in town, vacationed in Aruba, and wrote the names of our babies in the sand on the beach. She and her husband lost their little boy, Caleb, just a few weeks ago. I have been so amazed by her strength since Caleb passed away. I was so consumed by my grief for the first few weeks after losing Liv that it was hard for me to even realize that anyone else existed other than myself. Creating something beautiful for women that I hardly knew would never have crossed my mind. She also happens to be a fabulous photographer. Here is the picture she took of Olivia's name. Thank you so much Lara, as you know, the littlest things that let us know that people remember our little ones are the most meaningful. You totally made my day with this :).

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Stephanie said...

I am so glad you were able to raise so much! Those buttons are just precious. What a sweet little angel. God is using you and your sweet girl to tough many lives! God bless!

Aaron, Angie, Hailey, Lexi, and Jacob said...

That is so touching. Thank you for reaching out to others who have lost their child, too. God is certainly using you, Kurt, and Olivia to reach out and bless others.

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