Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 9 & 10.

Day 9 - A Photo you took since your loss.

I don't remember if I've posted this picture here or not... but seriously, can you GET any cuter!? This is Jack, after we went swimming at the Lake and then had to hose the doggies off in the backyard afterwards because they got so muddy. He looks so pitiful!

Day 10 - A picture of you taken at least 10 years ago, and how it makes you feel seeing it now?

I picked this picture just because its one of the very few old pictures of myself that I have scanned into my computer, and because it's seasonally appropriate now that it's October! It's definitely about 22 years old. Every baby picture of myself makes me wonder what she would have looked like at this age. Except, I know she wouldn't really look like me, because she looked exactly like Kurt's side of the family when she was born. This was the clown costume my mom made me for my first Halloween - I'm pretty sure it was just polka dot jammies, a red nose, and a polka dot party hat! haha!

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Donna said...

Cute pup...cute costume!!!
Olivia may well have looked like you. She will be a quesiton in your mind always but those sweet questions make life deeper and more meaningful somehow, I think. Blessings on your day....

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