Friday, January 14, 2011

Billy Donovan's Secret Sorrow

Just a quick post today to share an article.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope shared it on their facebook page today. I know that many followers of mine also follow their pages, but for the ones that don't, I want to re-share.

It isn't often that men share about the way they grieve. I know it's really just a "guy thing", and that it is very common... but it doesn't help any of the guys out there. As women, we LOVE to talk and share about our emotions and feelings. We have no problem finding someone who we can connect with - especially in the blog world. I know it's one thing that has helped me feel SO much less alone than I would otherwise. Guys? Not so much! I think that it would be easier for men to cope and grieve if they had more opportunities to read things written by other guys.

Whenever I do come across something like that, which is very rare, I get very excited - it just doesn't happen very often.

Who knew that three Division I basketball coaches had lost babies?

This article was written by Jason King for Click HERE to read it.
Please read it, and maybe share it with your husbands. 

- as a sidenote... I really think it's amazing that more mainstream sites are doing pieces on stillbirth and infant loss. Every time a celebrity of some kind speaks publicly about it, I feel like jumping up and down and cheering - it has been swept under the rug as something too sad to talk about for WAY too long. Every time something like this gets published, we are one step closer to the public actually understanding how common it is. 

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lissasue3 said...

Thank you for sharing, I sent it to my husband.

LetterstoClaire said...

This article has traveled swiftly across the baby loss community and rightfully so. We're like "Whoa! Someone wrote an article on baby loss... and WHOA someone wrong about DADS and baby loss." Great post

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