Friday, January 28, 2011

some changes...

This little old blog of mine is getting a makeover.
A big one. Name change and everything. {Although, it's not really a very exciting name change.}
But I'm not giving away any details until the new design is installed in a week-ish.

I started blogging because of Olivia, we all know that. For months, She is really all I posted about. If I wasn't writing directly about her, then I was writing about something that was related to infant loss. I was in such a dark place that unless I was absolutely forcing  myself to do my homework, or get up and go to class, I was constantly thinking/writing/scrapbooking about Livie. It probably never even occurred to me that at some point in life, I would want to start talking about other things. Lately, as I'm sure those of you who actually follow on a regular basis have noticed, the content of this blog has changed a little bit.

It's been 14 months since she was born. {I just looked at the Calender on my desk and realized that its the 28th.. I think this is the first month that I didn't actually notice that it was the 20th, and then the 23rd}. But I guess that's what I'm getting at. I have moved forward quite a bit over these 14 months. No - I'm not "over it", nor will I ever be.
I don't want this to JUST be an infant loss blog anymore.  I want to continue blogging about my daughter and about baby loss, but I also want to feel free to write about other subjects. Sometimes I feel kind of awkward writing about other things because the look of this blog is SO Olivia focused. I guess I've felt guilty... like I shouldn't be posting pictures of the wreath that I made for Valentine's day on Olivia's blog. Although I'm sure no one else whose out there reading thinks like that, I do. I'm a freak. I can't help it :)

Some ladies have reached this point and started a new blog, and work hard on maintaining both of them. I thought about that, but then I realized that I want this place to be a representation of ALL aspects of my life, including... but not limited to Olivia.  I'm hoping that the new design will reflect that. I want to be able to blog about crafting, project life, reading, fitness and cooking, my husband, our families etc. I want to be able to comfortably post here whenever we have another baby. I want this to be a place where we can look back on our life and see how we've progressed. In all ways - not just with our grief.

Infant Loss Awareness is extremely important to me, obviously, so it and Olivia herself will be a major part of this blog, always. I'm just ready to branch out.

So, look for that BIG change in a week or two. I can't WAIT to see it.


Olivia's Mom said...

I think that's great! My title was catered around our Livy for a good while, but I finally adjusted it recently. I've always blogged about whatever's on my mind (granted, a good portion was about our baby girl), but I figured it was time. Looking forward to seeing the new look when you're done! :)

The McNeil Family said...

I can't wait to see the new blog!! How exciting! Livie will always be a part of your blog... just make sure you keep that sweet picture of her with her pink bow somewhere on the blog (I know you have LOTS of them). I love looking at your precious girl.

Love you,

ALo said...

i know that you do not know me, but i have recently started reading your blog. i appreciate the blog as a whole! in face because of your blog i started a project which is helping me be creative even in the midst of my new pain. so, i for one, am very excited for this new big change!! :) thank you!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I can't wait to see the new look! I'm sure it will look amazing. I agree with Mere definitely keep a picture of your Livie up...she looks so cute with her bow :)

Lara + Chris said...

I am so excited to see what you come up with! Blogging about other things does NOT in any way mean that you're thinking less of Olivia - just that you're incorporating her in a different way. Hugs!

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