Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday, January 11-17

Okay, so I was pretty lazy this week.

I spent three of my weeknight evenings working on a felt wreath... so I really didn't take many pictures, except of the wreath, and of the dogs getting into the felt. Looking at my pictures this week made me realize that I have become one of those crazy "dog moms" that takes more pictures of her dogs than anything else.

But I guess if that's what made me happy this week, then who cares, right?
Oh, and if you want to make the "heart felt wreath", I found the tutorial here, at The Idea Room. I made mine a little bit differently than she did, but I love the way it turned out. You guys will learn that I'm a sucker for easy DIY home decor projects... and for some reason lately, those keep turning out to be wreaths? Maybe I need to branch out a bit. I also bought a mini styrofoam wreath that I spotted at Hobby Lobby (my home away from home) to make one to take to Livie's spot on Valentine's Day.

I also had multiple days this week where I didn't take any pictures... and other days where i took several. I was really strict last year about making sure I had ONE picture for each day. This year, I don't care. If we did nothing one day... why would we want to have a picture of... nothing?

So here we go.

Jan 11th
More snow!

Jan 14th
My sister's 19th birthday! We went out for dinner at her favorite Japanese place.My grandma came along, and had just come from the mall where she let the Lancome ladies give her a makeover. She looked gorgeous :)

After dinner, we went back to my parents' house so my sister could open presents. She got the Wii Fit and ad everything to go with it. Even Lucy got in on the Wii action!

January... 14th (again), 15th and 16th.
The felt wreath project was very time consuming.
Jack LOVES crafts. I'm not joking. No matter what project i'm doing, he has to be RIGHT next to me, and he always waits for me to hand him a piece of scrap paper of fabric.... and then he'll just sit with it in his mouth. He's a very good helper!
LOVE the wreath.

January 17th

I didn't have a picture for the 17th... but Kurt decided that wasn't acceptable, so he took one of himself, and told me that's what I should use.

Hopefully you guys did better than I did this week!



The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I just love the wreath! It turned out great! I think the Wii fit is awesome I hope your sister likes it. I haven't been using mine too much lately :( You are so lucky to have snow!! I wish it could snow here in Texas. You should send some of that snow down here!!

katie said...

i LOVE the wreath!!

Lia Larson said...

Betsy, the wreath is beautiful! Great job! I love all the doggy photos! Especially the one that looks like "Lady and the Tramp" where they're tugging over the felt. I could not believe how much the two look like our two!! I'll be posting a few pictures to my blog today so you can see the similarities. I bet yours are more well behaved than ours are. :)

lissasue3 said...

Love the wreath!
I hope it's okay... I've given you a stylish blogger award. You don't "know" me, but I'm on the bump and had a loss as well. Please see my blog for details. http://lissasue3.blogspot.com

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