Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life Tuesday, January 1-10


Welcome to the first week of Project Life Tuesday 2011... and my first time joining the online Project Life community. I'm hoping that participating each week will keep me on track with my photos and my journaling. You will find that I'm a huge fan of making photo collages on Picasa... 1. because I hate doing them in photo shop, and 2. because I take too many pictures and can never decide on just one. :)

January 1:
On New Year's Day, I spent the entire day organizing my craft area. On the left is the "before" shot. Trust me, the picture doesn't give it justice... it looked MUCH worse than that. I started piling things up everywhere while were were in full-force wedding more, and it just got worse.. and worse.. and worse.  I finally got it organized and it feels SO. GOOD. That's my Project Life kit sitting on the table.

January 2 & 3:

Kurt was in Denver on the 2nd and 3rd for the Broncos and Chargers game. The Broncos lost, but he had a great time with his dad at the game. These are the photos he took with his phone and uploaded to Facebook while he was there.

On the 3rd while Kurt was on his way home,
I worked on these wooden letters that say "CREATE" to hang above my craft area. I don't like them! I painted them black and decorated them with paper flowers and Kurt's Grandma's old button collection. They are okay I guess, but not really what I had in mind and I want to find something else to put in the spot ASAP. Plus, you can't even really tell that they say Create. The squares on either side of the letters are scrapbooking paper on foam board. I think I might make more of those to fill in the middle. Who knows.

January 4:
I did nothing today but lay around and read. I received George W. Bush's book "Decision Points" from Kurt for Christmas. I heard great reviews about it and thought it would be interesting to finally hear, in his own words, about the decisions that Bush had to make during his administration. So far, it has been WONDERFUL.

January 5:
Today, there was a horrible shooting at Millard South High School, which is just a couple of miles from our house. The principal and the assistant principle were both shot - the assistant principal passed away... the day before her birthday. Simply tragic and heart breaking. The student who shot them drove to a parking lot a few blocks away and killed himself. Instead of a picture for the day today, I printed out the news story and folded it to fit in the pocket.

January 6:
We didn't do much today except go grocery shopping. We happened to go to the store that's right near Millard South. There school was closed for the day, and two students were outside selling ribbons in MSHS colors for $1 each. The proceeds went to the families of the victims. Kurt and I each bought one, and I pinned them to the spot where a photo normally goes.

January 7:
The lake near our house has been drained.... apparently because of some Zebra Mussels that were infecting the water. It looks SO weird, so I went down today to take some pictures.

January 8:

I made a Target run this afternoon to get Kurt some medicine for the horrible cold he has, and got stuck in the book aisles. I decied to spend the Target gift card that I got for Christmas on something that I usually only let myself buy one at a time - books! I picked up five of the books that have been on my list for a while now. Now, I just need to work on making more time for reading!

January 9:
SNOW!!! The doggies L.O.V.E it! When we looked out the window, they were eating the snow off of the bird feeder. Perfect height for their little heads!

January 10:

We had a snow day today! Both of us had school cancelled, so we slept late, played with the dogs in the snow, and made pancake, eggs, and bacon for breakfast - which the dogs begged their hardest for. Kurt shoveled/snow-blowed, went to the gym, and I stayed home and organized a cunh of stuff... and now we're laying on the couch watching the football game.

That's it!
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Kelli said...

OMG I love all your book choices. Let us know how that George W. is! And i'm a fan of your collage pics as well...is it terribly hard to figure out!

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Sheila said...

Love your photo collages!

katie said...

love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures!

Amy von Oven said...

New here and love it all. Your blog is great. I too lost my little girl, she was stillborn at 37 weeks....this may will be the 2nd anniversary, I can't even believe it.

Anonymous said...

love water for elephants - it's a great book. i'm determined to re-read it before the movie comes out.

and I like what you did with the create letters! i wish i had room for a craft area.

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