Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another V-day post, 8 days late!

I forgot to post this on Valentine's Day. I meant to publish it late that night, but I spaced it off. Which I tend to do often.

Remember how I wrote about our Valentine's Day plans, and how Kurt and I had decided not to get each other anything. Even the day before, he asked me about it "just to make sure".

I came home from my practicum that afternoon to find this on the coffee table:

I have a pretty smart husband.

{The froggy figurine symbolizes Olivia... we called her "Froggy" while I was pregnant, because Kurt had such big eyes that he looked like a frog when he was born, and I told him that I hoped our future kids would have eyes like he did}

My favorite part, is what he drew on the inside of the card...

He wrote, "I love you too, mommy" and drew a little angel. He also signed the card from himself and Livie.

I absolutely love when he includes her in ways that I hadn't thought of. Usually, it just happens that he does those kinds of things when I am in need of a reminder that she's with us, or a reminder that he thinks about her just as much as I do.


katie said...

My heart is singing!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

That was so nice of him. Those roses are gorgeous! It was so sweet to include your little Livie :)

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