Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day of Love!

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!
{I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's new book... can you tell? :)}

Kurt and I don't do a whole lot to celebrate Valentine's day. Mostly because I don't really care about the tacky gifts, and Kurt knows me well enough to know that I will just get frustrated about where to store it. Seriously - what are you supposed to do with a stuffed bear holding a pink heart? We have enough stuffed animals as it is, and if I get any more then our basement will start to look like a kid's room. {Also, I hate writing "our basement". I can't wait until I can finally say "our house"!!!!} On our bed I already keep the yellow stuffed bear wearing an "Al Asad Iraq" t-shirt that Kurt sent me when he was over there, and the pink teddy bear from Olivia's casket. We also have a bear wearing a Broncos t-shirt that Kurt got for me when he went to Denver in January. He lives on a living room shelf. Three is enough for a 23 year old woman. Also, I don't need any more jewelry! I have one necklace that I wear every day, and a ring for each ring finger. I occasionally wear different necklaces from Loft or Target, but I need to pick those out myself. I told Kurt not to buy me any more jewelry until we have another child and I need another charm for my birth stone necklace... and not to buy me flowers until we have a kitchen table for me to set them on.

So, there goes all of the traditional Valentine's day gifts.

Tonight, we are staying in. I went grocery shopping last night to get the ingredients for Pioneer Woman's "Penne a la Betsy" {YES that's what it's really called! Her sister's name is Betsy, and it's my favorite recipe of hers so far. It's fate, I think}. red velvet cake for dessert, and snacks for watching a movie after wards.

{The "eating healthy" thing will be on pause for tonight}.

When we were little my mom used to always get my sister and I little heart-themed gifts to open after we had a "pizza picnic" on a beach towel in front of the TV in the living room. That sounds so funny now, but we used to think it was SUCH a big deal because eating in front of the TV was definitely not allowed in our house.

What are you doing to celebrate? Does your family have any Valentine's traditions?

And so in honor of Valentine's Day, here is our VERY first picture together as a "couple. And another one thrown in for good measure from the same weekend. I can't believe how different we look!


Anonymous said...

YES - 'Sweet November' is THE best title for this blog! The 'banner' is so sweet - Little Livie with Wings, just like we remember her but now on a cloud! You are doing a great service in your efforts to help other parents who have lost a child! God Bless You! Love, GM

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