Tuesday, February 8, 2011

photography frustrations.

I am trying to work on my photography skills.

Well, I don't really have photography skills... so I guess I should say I'm trying to LEARN how to have photography skills. I'm taking a class right now... and would love to share the photos that I've been taking. 

But I'm SOOO Stinkin' frustrated! Because they're not that good. So much of photography revolves around lighting. Half of the time, it's what makes an okay picture into a great one. But guess what? I live in my in-laws basement. I really try hard not to complain about it, because it's a wonderful opportunity for us to save save save our money. We have ONE big source of light, which is the sliding glass doors that open up into the back yard. It's in the corner of our basement - on the completely opposite side of the basement from the living room. It's great for practicing because I can put objects on the floor near the doors... but a lot of our photography assignments involve taking pictures of every day things, or people... and I can't really ask kurt and/or the dogs to go sit on the floor in front of the window CONSTANTLY, and I can't move half of my stuff over in front of the doors either.

Really, I'm just venting right now. And dreaming about our next house which will be made of all floor to ceiling windows.


My life said...

I'm a follower but not sure that I've ever commented. But your speaking on a subject I know a good bit about so I thought I'd comment. When I started out in photography, learning how to utilize light was my biggest obstacle. It is still a challenge I face although I've gotten a lot better about "finding the light" as it were. Opening a door can let a lot of light in a room as well. Are you interested at all in strobes? I was against using any kind of artificial light for a very long time until I learned how to make it look the way I wanted it to. If you have any questions related to that I'd love to help. :)

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