Monday, February 14, 2011

letter writing

This morning while getting ready, I cranked up the Today Show on the living room tv so that I could hear it from the bathroom while I straightened my hair.

Within a few minutes I was crying my eyes out in front of the bathroom mirror!

Regardless of your political opinions, if you are a hopeless romantic like me, you will love this segment...

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Jenna Bush Hager interviews her grandparents about the love letters that they've been writing to each other consistently ever since George Sr. was away in WWII. She had them read some of them out loud, and even he was crying by the end of the segment. You can tell just from watching how strong their love for each other is.

I love love.

There is something to be said about written communication - that's for sure. For the beginning of our relationship, Kurt was in Iraq on a 6 month deployment. We started hung out a couple of times before he left... but our relatinoship really blossomed while he was away. We talked almost every day on MSN - he was lucky enough to be an C-130 Mechanic which meant that for the most part, he stayed on base to work and talk to me. Every morning I woke up and checked my computer for an e-mail from him, and waited for him to log on to MSN so that we could chat. We also wrote several real letters just for the fun of it, even though snail mail took weeks to get to Iraq, and it was much easier to just send an e-mail. When writing is all you can do, you look forward to every single exchange of words, and you take advantage of every opportunity that you have to do it. I am positive that we learned more about each other during those months of writing than we would have if we had been "dating" in person during that time. Plus, it heightened the anticipation of seeing each other again. I have all of our letters, printed off e-mails and MSN conversations saved in a file in our fireproof box. That's how important they are to me. I hope that one day, our future grand children will appreciate them just like Jenna Bush Hager appreciates her grandparents' letters to each other.

I love my husband.

Happy Valentine's Day - AGAIN! :)


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Awww!! That is so sweet! I love stories like these. I'm sure your kids and grandkids will enjoy reading yours and Kurts letters :)

Happy Valentines!!

katie said...

I have been waiting to see your new blog design! I LOVE IT!!! I am so glad I got to catch up on your blog!!

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