Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Kurt and I have a wonderful friend named Madeline. Actually, I haven't even met her yet, but she works with Kurt. Madeline reached out to Kurt and I when we lost Olivia, and she and I have been e-mailing over the past month or so. She and I have made an amazing connection and I feel as close to her as I do to some of my friends that I've known for years.

Madeline has suffered through three of the most horrible things that a mother can experience - a miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant loss. And now, she is about 38.5 weeks pregnant!

And... her water broke at work tonight!

Her story has touched me in so many ways - I would post it here but I don't have her permission so I won't go into it any more than I already have. But anyway, Madeline gives me hope. She has taught me that things will get better, to stay strong, and have faith. Honestly, she is the strongest woman that I've ever known. She so deserves this.

Last I heard, She was planning to have a c-section... Kurt and I are praying that the has a VERY uneventful c-section and that baby Rylee makes her way peacefully into this world.

In just a few hours Madeline and Gregg will finally be holding a healthy baby girl in their arms, and I am overwhelmed with happiness for them. I know that baby Joe and baby Gracie are with them now, ready to welcome their new baby sister into the world. She will always have her very own guardian angels to love and guide her through her life.

Please send their little family your thoughts and prayers!

Welcome Baby Rylee!!


Kimmie said...

I cam across your blog through thebump! I just wanted to say that from what I have read of your blog, you are a very strong woman and I honsetly don't think I would have the strength you do. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and her new baby...and I have been and will continue to think of you and precious Olivia. I only hope I could be as strong as you in the same situation. Oh and I have to ask...are you from Nebraska? If so it's cool to see another Nebraskan on here!

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