Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wedding & weight loss...

So, I really... really need to get better about posting more frequently! I spend tons of time on the computer and often think about things that I'd like to write about, but for some reason actually doing it is a different story.


For those who don't know, Kurt and I have changed our wedding date to November 13th, 2010... which means it is about 10 months away. Our original date was going to be somewhere towards the beginning of July, 2011. We planned for that date because we thought it would give us enough time to adjust to being new parents before all the wedding craziness kicked in. I think we may have even decided while we were still in the hospital that we wanted to move the date up quite a bit. This whole experience has changed us and our relationship quite a bit more than I think we are expecting. We are so much closer now than I would have imagined us being. I think we've "felt" married for months now, and after going through such a life-changing event together I think those feelings are even stronger still. Waiting until July 2011 without an Olivia to keep us busy would have been excruciating, I think, and just a constant reminder of why we set the date so far off into the future. Luckily, we hadn't formally booked anything so it wasn't difficult to change. We are both just so ready to formally make the commitment to eachother, and be able to start a new chapter in our life together.

Planning is going extremely well. Right after Christmas we started really getting things in order, and it's been amazing to see it all fall into place so smoothly. It's actually pretty ridiculous how "perfect" things keep falling into our laps - When we first decided to change the date I kind of had to start from scratch with what I wanted, because our summer colors weren't quite appropriate anymore!  Wedding planning as definitely been a very welcomed distraction for me. Having something fun to plan and look forward to definitely helps me take my mind off of grieving for a little while. I'm glad that things are going so smoothly with planning... I guess I just feel like after all that we've been through over the past couple of months, we more than deserve to have some stress-less things going on.

We are both pretty excited about the wedding now - changing it to November really opened a lot of doors as far as planning goes. November is considered an "off-month" in the wedding industry, which means that some things are more affordable than they are during the "peak" wedding season. Another thing that Kurt and I are both very excited about our photographer - We loved the pictures that Andrea did of Olivia for NILMDTS so much, that we decided to check out her wedding photography, and she is awesome. The best part is - she got to meet Olivia. Honestly, not enough people got to meet Livie. The fact that Andrea got to actually spend some time with Olivia makes it 10000x more special to have her as our photographer. :)

The most "fun" thing about moving the wedding up is trying to lose weight! (I really hope you sense the sarcasm in that last statement... haha). I gained somewhere between 30 and 40 pounds during my pregnancy with Olivia, and you BETTER believe I will be back down to at least my pre-baby weight for this wedding. I am also a bridesmaid in my friend Catelyn's wedding this coming July, and my friend Dana's wedding in October... which I guess will be good "trial runs" to see how i feel about the way I look in wedding pics, etc.

Kurt and I are doing this together, which really will help me I think. He did AWESOME with keeping his weight down during my pregnancy - we read lots of things that said Dad's gain "sympathy weight", and luckily he doesn't have that to worry about! He is just excited about getting back to the way he looked while he was still in the marine corps last year. He holds himself to some pretty high physical standards though, so anyone who looked at him now and heard that he is trying to lose weight would probably think he's nuts! He knows more than I do about working out since it was basically a part of his job discription as a marine, so he teaches me new things at the gym and gives me motivation to go. '

We went to the gym for about six or seven mornings in a row about two weeks ago. I haven't gone for a few days... I've just been too tired, I think from trying to get settled into the "school" routine after being a night owl for 7 weeks. I am hoping to go on Wednesday when Kurt gets home from work.

Catelyn and I are also planning to work out together at the HPER gym at school on the days that we're on campus at the same time. She has the same goal as I do, but her wedding is sooner, which means she's more motivated... which will hopefully rub off on me! The girl looks like a super model though, haha, so I've got a lot more work to do!

Oh, and my mom and I are starting weight watchers together tonight!

It's also kind of depressing....having to lose this weight. During the pregnancy whenever I would complain about my arms getting fatter, etc., everyone kept telling me "oh but it will be SO worth it when you're baby is born!".... ugh. I know I didn't gain a TON of weight, and I've already dropped about 18 or 19 lbs, but I don't have a baby in my arms to make it all "worth it". The weight I've gained just reminds me of everything that's happened when I think about it, and I'm sick of people telling me "oh you'll lose it - you just had a baby!" I knooowww that's true, but it's hard to hear, and I'm just ready to be me again.

I've heard that blogging about weight loss helps the process... so I hope this helps me with that as much as it has with my feelings about Livie.

aaallllriight. time to call it a night and get some sleep for school tomorrow.

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