Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fly, little wing

I saw a quote on another girl's blog tonight.... and it said, "Dear God, since I didn't get to hold her and tell her about you, could you please hold her.... and tell her about me?"

I absolutely lost it. I'm not even sure why? I firmly believe that Livie is watching over us and knows everything there is to know about us (even things we would prefer that she didn't know haha), so I don't need God to "tell" her about me. But wow - I cried for a good 20 minutes. I hope she is proud of us.

I just really hope that at some point, this gets easier. I know it will... I just hope it's sooner than later.

Mommy misses you, Livie Bean.

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The McNeil Family said...

That is a beautiful quote. And I like yours, "I hope she is proud of us." That one hits my heart.

I hope our baby girl is proud of us and we are doing right by her.

Have a wonderful day!!

PS My ProjectLife comes in today. I am going to take a picture of all it's glory and post it on my blog... hopefully tonight.

Juliana said...

Sweetie-thank you for comment on my blog. I know that there is alot of horrible grief right now in our posts...but also so much hope with that way that we have all come together to support each other with broken hearts.

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