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Favorite Charities

Show us your life On Kelly's Korner this week is all about favorite charities. I had a hard time deciding whether ot not I should even write this post, because I've already talked about some of the ones that mean the most to me at length on this blog. I decided to do it anyway, though. Click on the button below to check out some of the other blog posts about charities - I read through quite a few of them and learned about some that I'd never heard of that are doing some serious good!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Click on the title of each organization to view their websites!

March of Dimes
I suppose this is the perfect opportunity to do a little public service announcement for our March for Babies event! As I've posted about before, we will be walking on April 25th at Mahoney State Park. So far, our team has raised $330, and there's 42 days left until the walk. If you would like to donate, or join our team for the walk, you can click HERE.
I am so excited about this. It's such a great way for us to raise money and awareness for prematurity, birth defects, and infant mortality while also honoring Olivia's sweet life. If money that we raise can help even one family avoid the pain that we've had to suffer, then I'll be happy.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Everyone who knows us knows that NILMDTS is extremely close to our hearts. Without them, we wouldn't have such beautiful pictures of our family together, or of Olivia. While our photographer was shooting our session, I remember feeling so at peace. I remember knowingthat it was one of the only "normal" family things we would get to do, and it was so wonderful. Whoever thought up the idea for the organization is a genius, and must have such a wonderful heart. I've spoken to lots of women who have had NILMDTS pictures taken, and I've never heard of a less than fantastic experience. This Christmas, my Grandma decided that instead of receiving Christmas presents from all of her kids, she wanted to make a family donation to a charity. They chose NILMDTS and donated in Livie's name. We also used them as one of the memorial options in lieu of flowers at Olivia's memorial service.

Freedom is Not Free
Freedom isn't free is a charity that supports fallen and wounded service members and their families. It's a common misconception that the family members of these men and women are completely taken care of by the military. Well, usually they are... but in a lot of cases, it takes months and months for those benefits to finally reach the family. What are they supposed to do when their sole provider can't work anymore, and they can't pay their mortgage etc. for year? That's where Freedom Is Not Free comes in. They help families meet their immediate financial needs, including the expenses associated with medical care, travel, home modification and every day bills. They also provide support and healing activities for children of wounded service members. I love what they do.

Operation: Love ReUnited
This one is just seriously awesome, and if I were a photographer, nothing would make me happier than to be apart of this. It's similar to NILMDTS in that professional photographers donate their services and time. They offer photography for deploying, deployed, and returning service members. It was created to be a moral "boost" for those overseas. Basically, they photograph the service member with his/her family before they deploy, the family while you're gone, and again at your reunion. All the pictures have a patriotic edge and are just absolutely beautiful. They show SO much emotion. God forbid anything like this should ever happen, but in the event that that person does not return home, those pre-deployment photographs are something that his/her family will cherish forever (I guess that's probably why this reminds me of NILMDTS). The person who is deploying receives a free album to take with him/her overseas. The reunion pictures are AMAZING - many times the photographer comes to the airport or wherever you'll be meeting the person whose returning home for the first time. Honestly, lots of military families just aren't well-off, and professional photography, especially at this skill level (their photographs are basically art, not just pictures) are something that lots of them wouldn't even think about trying to afford. I love that this opportunity exists for them - especially because we will more than likely be one of those families in a few years.
Check out their website just for fun - the pictures of the little kids wearing their daddies' uniforms and boots just kill me. so precious.

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