Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Academy Awards

Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year. It was always a big deal in my house when we were growing up. My sister and I would watch it with our mom and grandma every year. Even when I was too young to see any of the movies, I loved watching the red carpet to see the gorgeous dresses.

I thought the show this year was amazing. I actually have only seen one movie (Toy Story 3, ha!) that was nominated for anything, but Anne Hathaway is one of my *very* favorite actresses. I think she is so beautiful and her style is so timeless. I knew it was going to be a great show. I really think she did a fabulous job. I love James Franco also, but I don't think hosting is his forte. They went with a very "Old Hollywood" theme for this year, which I love. I am a sucker for anything vintage.

Anne wore EIGHT dresses last night. Or I guess, 7 dresses and 1 tuxedo with the most amazing shoes E-V-E-R. Also, her hair was different for every outfit that she came out in. I will never understand how they change and redo their hair and makeup that fast. And manage to look amazing every single time!

My favorite dress is the one she wore on the red carpet.

Out of everyone, I think my absolute TOP favorite was Hailee Steinfeld, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for True Grit. She is only 14 and she looked so adorable. Her dress was classic and sweet and just so perfect for her age, unlike so many of the other "famous" teenagers right now. I can't even count how many times I've seen Miley on a red carpet and wanted to throw up!

And, um... did anyone see Jennifer Hudson? Are you kidding me!? She looks so amazing. I seriously can't believe that she looks this good. After having a baby. I love knowing that she worked EXTREMELY hard to get to this point. I actually don't care for this dress at all... but she looks damn good in it!

One of my other favorites was Natalie Portman. I know a lot of grieving ladies read my blog, so I'm not going to shove a picture of her pregnant self in everyone's face. I just thought it was nice that she looked so classy - a lot of pregnant celebrities get a little bit too carried away with dresses that are WAY too tight. In the words of Joan Rivers, "I'm not interested in seeing whether a pregnant woman has an innie or an outtie".

I spent the evening at my parents house. As I mentioned above, the ladies of the family watch the awards together every year.  My mom is adorable and actually decorated for our little party this year!

V.I.P Entrance

Stars, plastic Oscars and candles on the mantel

And more little awards on the coffee table!

Even little Lucy was all decked out for the red carpet! She looked hysterical in her little dress. She greeted me at the door when I walked in, and I was so glad I brought my camera. My family makes me laugh.

This was my attempt at getting a picture of all of us... ha! My grandma somehow didn't even make it into the picture, but my sister looks cute!

Have a happy week!!


Josh & Brandi said...

Oh my gosh this party looks so cute and fun! go your mom! p.s. the dog killed me! haha! just thought i would let you know I am glad things are going well for you!! :)

Danielle Moss // Graphic Design & Photography said...

OF COURSE we had the same favorite dress. :)

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