Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Life Tuesday!


It's Tuesday again! It really feels like the weeks are flying by this winter/spring. Only 38 days until graduation, and 40 days until I start my new job! 23 Days until we leave for our honeymoon :). It seems like we JUST took down our Christmas decorations!

It's supposed to be spring. But it snowed here. AGAIN.

It's baseball season!! Which is a big deal around our house. College games are on our TV non-stop on til the College World Series in June when we can actually go to the games. We have tickets to the ENTIRE series this year and I can't WAIT! I won't be able to go to the day games, but the evening games are rhe best ones anyway. Oh - and about Kurt's hair... He was cleaning our his side of the closet and found his wig from Halloween last year. I still don't know why he put it on to go outside and throw the ball with the dogs... but I think he looks like Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down...


Okay, so I know I probably take WAY too many pictures of my dogs! But they are honestly the best subjects for practicing photography because they move around so much just like little kids.  This is Buddy, Kurt's parents' 11 year old lab. Kurt was holding the ball about to throw it for him, and I just love the look of determination on his face. He is SERIOUS about that ball.

Showing off my super low squatting ability at the lake. I'm wearing a maternity sweatshirt.... that makes it appear as if I'm pregnant. Maybe it's time to retire that guy...

Kurt and I kidnapped my parents' dog! We stopped by their house to drop off something, but they were at a movie. So we brough Lucy back to our house and left them a note saying that we were holding her ransom. I felt bad that she was so excited to see us and then we were going to have to turn around and leave right away. It was so nice having her at our house, she is such a sweet little girl! I always new she was small, but now that we have BIG dogs, she seems especially tiny.

We don't have any spring decorations out yet, and with this snow, I felt like we really needed some. I picked up this Orchid at the grocery store. I love having fresh flowers in the house.

Best socks ever!! Saturday night, we hung out with my parents and sister at their house. I ran up to my parents' room to grab a book that my mom wanted me to look at, and saw them sitting on their entertainment center. My mom said they were supposed to be something funny for my Easter basket... but she let me have them early :) haha!

This is just a focusing/aperture assignment from the photography class I've been taking. That's Jack and Molly out there swimming in the lake.

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Susan said...

Great shots Betsy. Your dogs are beautiful and your mom's is just soooooooooo cute!!

I'm taking a photograhy class too. So much to learn huh??

Hope you have a blessed week.

Oh...your husband did look like that guy! Funny...

Rene' Sharp said...

What wonderful photos Betsy. Very cute pooches!! Sending you smiles from South Africa :)

Christie said...

Great photos Betsy! I miss our golden lab. It has been two years since he got killed crossing the road - I LOVED him. We have a golden retriever now, but I still miss our lab. Love the focusing shot also. Are you taking an online course? I did one in Feb and it sure helped me out alot. Have a great week!

packmom said...

I love the pictures of your dogs and the snow--oh my. No more snow or rain for me please.

Veronica said...

We had snow as well! I' so ready for summer!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

You are so lucky to have snow!! It has been 80-90 degree weather here...and humid of course. Your parents dog is sooooo cute. I love the orchid, though I can't ever keep orchids alive. I really don't know what it is but they just die after I get them :(

Franchesca said...

Enjoyed your pictures!! And yay for graduation and a new job around the corner!! Congrats, by the way :)

Your pictures of the dogs are awesome, especially the one of them waiting for the ball.

I love love love orchids! Fresh flowers make the whole house feel happy don't they?


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