Monday, March 14, 2011

stupid bedspread and butter yellow

If I have learned one lesson from the first 4 months of marriage {It's 4 months today!}, it is to NOT spend money on expensive bedding.

I am so annoyed right now! When we first moved into our apartment last year, we had a comforter set that I think I got on clearance from JCPenny, so it was pretty darn cheap. I mean like $30 cheap. The fabric covering the cotton batting stuff on the inside of the comforter was so thin that it ripped on the under side on the bottom of the comforter where our feet touched it every night. SUPER crappy, but I only spent $30 on it so I wasn't surprised that it was a POS. So naturally, this led me to the conclusion that in order to have a comforter that would last, I would need to spend a boat load of cash on it.
When it came time to register for wedding gifts, I decided that the only way for us to "upgrade" would be to register for a new set. We got a BEAUTIFUL bedding set at my bridal shower from Kurt's mom...
{Super bizarre picture of me, I think I look like I'm drunk, but whatev}

I have so many problems with this set. First of all, see those buttons? NONE of them are currently on the comforter. Actually, I think there might be one lonely little guy still hangin' out. When we FIRST put it on the bed, we realized that the puppies would probably chew on those. Also, we realized that since the entire thing is basically embroidered, their little claws and rough pads on the bottoms of their feet would shred it up. So I went to Target and bought a green quilt that matches. Every single time the dogs are going to sleep with us, we pull the quilt up so that it covers the area they are going to lay on. And still, the buttons all fell off. Then, there are the pills OHHhhh so many pills. I wish you could see it. I tried to take a picture but it just didn't do it justice. It looks awful.  This would be acceptable if we had been using this comforter for 10 years, or even 5 years. But 4 months? and with a quilt pulled up over it most of the time? That's just ridiculous. Especially because it cost upwards of $240.  I remember registering for it and telling Kurt that getting it as a gift was the only way we would be able to have such a nice set... and since it was so nice it would last for years and years! We won't have to spend money on a comforter for YEARS!

I couldn't have been more wrong. When we move, that piece of crap is going straight into the dumpster. Okay I probably will donate it, but I am so mad at it that I want to throw it away. Or maybe we'll keep it as a spare. I don't know - what I do know is that it will never grace the top of our bed ever again.

So I've been researching some options for when it's time to replace it. We'll hopefully be moving in August? July? September? Somewhere at the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall. I might be looking a little bit too early... my greatest fear is that the things I want won't be available anymore by the time we are ready to move. I want to wait until we move because our current bedroom walls are painted green (to match the stupid comforter) and I am currently obsessed with.... YELLOW AND GREY!  I struggle with finding colors and prints that are feminine enough but also have just enough masculine to make Kurt feel like it's OUR room and not just mine. How my mom has gotten my dad to go along with all of the Rose/Floral bedspreads she's bought over the years is beyond me. Another reason for the yellow - Right now, our room is in the basement. And we have no windows. We have an overhead light and accent lamps, and keep both doors (we have two) open during the day, but it is so dark in there! Perfect for days when we want to sleep in, but awful for the days when morning comes to early and it still looks like it's midnight in our room. I didn't realize how much that would drive me nuts while I was choosing the colors for our room, and I feel like the green shades we chose make it seem even more dim. In our next home, I am going to be all about bright, sunny colors. I don't think Kurt will go for that completely, so the gray will tone it down a bit. That's my compromise.

I have been saving pieces of inspiration for weeks now. It's become my newest obsession. I always start way too early. Actually, it's not really a new obsession. Growing up, I wanted to be an interior designer, and even sent away for information about the interior design programs RMCAD and the Art Institute in San Diego but obviously, didn't go. So, since I don't have clients to design for, I'll just design for myself and annoy the readers of my blog with it? Sounds good to me. Except for the part about not getting paid for it...

I put this inspiration board together myself using digital papers from Molly Mac & Me
Dwell Studio for Target

DSLR Camera Strap from Etsy Seller MelVDesigns...
I know that this doesn't have anything to do with a bedroom... but THIS is EXACTLY the color combination I want. PERFECT gray, PERFECT yellow. Maybe I can talk her into making a me a bedspread? for the same price as a camera strap? no? dang it.

I am realizing that I can't find exactly what I want. That tends to happen often. I am kind of thinking that the best way to go might be to purchase a plain jane grey comforter, a butter yellow throw, and add pillows like THESE.

These are both from Etsy seller Bedbuggs
This one is from Jilly Bean Things


katie said...

When you get your sewing machine, you should seriously consider making a Duvet cover. You can get some seriously cute fabric, sew it up, and slip it over a down comforter!

Aaron, Angie, Hailey, Lexi, and Jacob said...

Those pillows are so much fun! I like the yellow & gray combination.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me if memory serves is big into yellow and grey right now and was looking at redoing a room in the same scheme. You might want to look through her site too. :)

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