Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NEW March for Babies shirt design!!

I know that this is supposed to be Project Life Tuesday, but I don't care - I'm doing that tomorrow.

Today, I want to share this with you guys - Our March for Babies t-shirt design!

The AMAZING, amazing, amazing, amazing, Danielle of Danielle Moss Graphic Design and Photography{Formerly The Design Girl}, who also designed my blog, did the design for the shirts.

I am so excited, it's unreal. I designed them myself last year, and I liked them... but knew I wanted something a little bit more polished looking this time around. And she nailed it. I pretty much just gave her the words and she went to town. She is now my go-to person for ANYTHING design related. I don't know what else I'll need to have done in the future, but she seriously can do it all, and I love everything she comes up with.

The top part of the image will be on the back of the shirts, and the bottom is going to be on the front of the shirts, off to the side. I can't WAIT to get these back from the printer.

If I look at this for too long, I start crying - seriously. How sweet is that little bow on the "O"!? Pink bows remind us of Olivia, and I didn't even ask Danielle to add it. She just remembered that I told her that when she was working on this blog, and did it on her own. She rocks.

We have 26 people who will be wearing these shirts this year. It means so much to me to have something tangible that reminds me, and everyone else, of Olivia. I know that whenever our friends/family pull last year's  shirt out of their drawers, they think of her instantly. That makes me so happy.
Thanks, Danielle :)


Jen said...

The shirt is beautiful!!

Meredith said...

So sweet!! I didn't even notice the bow until I read the rest of your post. Makes me cry.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the design and can't wait to wear the shirt! I wish I could do the walk, but I will be supporting you! ~~Mom

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

They look so beautiful!

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