Thursday, April 28, 2011

a Project Life Tuesday post... very late!

Yikes... I began this post before we left for our Honeymoon over a week ago and forgot to finish it and post it! I don't even remember the dates for these photos at this point, but here are a bunch of my Project Life pics that I haven't posted yet! Totally out of order, but all I care about is that they're up!

I made this four layer cake for Kurt's birthday, which was April 18th. It was vanilla and red velvet. It was an absolute lop-sided disaster! The ugliest cake ever, but it tasted REALLY good.

The picture on the left is from Kurt's birthday, he's holding up all of the books he got for his birthday, and on the right is a picture of me at the Omaha Storm Chasers opening day,which was also the opening day of our brand new baseball park. My favorite thing about going to games is ballpark hot dogs... and one of the new concession stand is called "Hot Dog Nation", so Kurt made me pose in front of it! Haha. These are two 3x4 images that I printed on a 4x6, and cut them apart to fit in the places in the album where the journaling cards ordinarily go.

Kurt took the dogs to play at the lake and they got VERY muddy. While he was there, he ran into a guy who told him about the dog wash... which is essentially like a self-serve car wash but for dogs!. He said he loves it because it uses warm water. We thought we'd try it out because our dogs think they're in trouble every time we have to use the hose in the back yard! They absolutely hated it but it was pretty funny. This one is Molly, and Buddy is below.

Two more pictures of Kurt at the Storm Chasers game. It was FRREEEZING cold by the end of it, apparently Nebraska thinks that it's still winter. I had to go to my car to dig some gloves out of the trunk, and we bought a stadium blanket. I really hope real spring arrives soon!


ALo said...

i hope that you had a great trip...i had been missing your blog lately! :) thinking about you today!!

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