Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Life Tuesday!

There was no PLTuesday post to link up to last week @The Mom Creative, so I took the week off :) here are my photos from this week, plus some extra because I'm playing catch-up.

March 31
Kurt and I went to our room to go to bed, and found that Molly had already made herself at home right in the middle!
April 1
Pretty self explanatory... I made this sweet potato for lunch, and it was shaped like heart so I took a picture. Ha!

April 2
My sister-in-law Jordynn had her end-of-the-year show choir performance at her high school. She is the one toward the middle of the photo with the purple pinafore and purple bow.

April 3:
Kurt and I went to the "Pedastrian Bridge" that crosses the Missouri River and connects NE to IA. This is Kurt posing with half of his body on Nebraska, and half of it on Iowa.

April 4:
I finally joined the smart phone club... and got both Kurt and I addicted to playing Words With Friends.

April 5:
I spent almost 4 hours at the dentist having a tooth extracted and getting my temporary bridge put in. The pain was UNREAL, but when I got home, Kurt went to the store to get me things that I could actually eat for dinner... mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream! {Please excuse the crappy cell phone pic, and how crappy I look in it! haha!}

April 6:
Planning our trip to Washington DC!

April 7:
My sewing machine arrived!!!! I was so excited. It is my graduation present from my parents :)

April 8:
Practicing with my new sewing machine!

April 9:
We spent Saturday Evening and Sunday morning in Columbus, NE, visiting our friends Abi and Jeremy. Abi's sister Alysha who is also an amazing friend to me, just had a baby boy last week - Carter! He was so tiny and precious. We didn't get to spend much time at their house, but I'm looking forward to being able to go back soon and spend more time with him! {And Alysha too :)}
We helped babysit Abi and Jeremy's niece and nephew while we were there. Raegan and Landyn absolutely LOVED Kurt and were so happy while he was reading this story to them. Look at their faces. So sweet. This kind of thing definitely makes me restless to have more kids. What a precious picture.
I took so many pictures during the short time we were there, I made a collage of some of my favorites. Abigail was my roomate in college a few years ago, and the little doggie in the bottom right hand corner was our dog while we lived together. I somehow hadn't seen her since and I missed her so much!
April 10:
On our way out of town, Kurt and I visited the Columbus Veterans Memorial. This is Kurt pretending to shoot from a Higgins Boat.


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Have a great trip to DC! We're going out there this summer for a week to visit my brother and SIL.

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