Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

To be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd get in to this Royal Wedding thing! I have been mildly interested throughout their engagement, but mostly just because I'm a sucker for anything wedding-related, especially when the wedding is bound to be a real-life fairy tale. I didn't think I'd actually watch the wedding... maybe just see the hilights on E! News.

BUT then, my Grandma decided to have a "Royal Wedding Viewing Party"! She DVR'd the wedding coverage {because we weren't quite crazy enough to wake up before 4am to watch}, and we watched it together this afternoon. I was kind of up in the air about going at first because I didn't think I really cared about watching the entire ceremony, but decided to go because I thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon with the girls of the family {My grandma, mom, sister and aunt}.

We had such a fun time. I actually ended up loving watching the wedding. I love that it seemed so much like a real life fairy tale... and I know that fairy tales are often times not at all what they seem to be, but it is kind of fun to imagine William and Kate living happily ever after. And OH my word, that dress. I don't think anyone could have even imagined anything more perfect. I thought she looked exactly like a princess should look.

Even though I loved the dresses (and hats) and the fairy-tale-ness of the wedding, I think my favorite thing about watching was just knowing that I (and the other 2 billion people who watched the wedding on TV) witnessed something that is going to be a big part of history. I love Royal history, and I think all of the traditions that the British royals have kept alive for hundreds of years are so fascinating.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures of the cute party that my Grandma put together this afternoon. She got so in to it which made it even more fun.

Lemon cookies and cupcakes...

Tea and Crumpets!

She went all out and made chicken salad on croissants and cucumber toasts with fruit for lunch

She even put pearls around her candles!

And she broke out the Red Hat Society hats for us to wear! We actually only wore them for this picture though, haha.

Thank you for having us over Grandma! I had so much fun!


Michelle Karr said...

Fun! Such precious memories for you with the ladies of the family.

LauraJane said...

That's super cute.

I love the little things from the wedding... Like when Harry snuck a peek at Kate walking down the aisle and whispered, "wait 'til you see her" to Will who was facing forward. LOVE.

Also when Will turned to Kate as she got to the front and he said something along the lines of, "you look beautiful". LOVE. :)

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