Monday, April 4, 2011

Turquoise LOVE

Knowing that I now have a secured job lined up {for a while there, they had only "unofficially" offered the position to me so I was really hesitant about saying anything and tried not to think about it}, I am finally letting myself plan for our new home... whatever that might be. We are planning on renting, and my only requirement (Other than the obvious - MUST allow doggies!) is that I at least like the kitchen. I know that because it's a rental, it won't be my dream kitchen or anything like that... but I love to cook and spend a LOT of time in the kitchen, and since we more than likely won't be able to make any updates ourselves, I need to at least be able to walk in the room and not want to come right back out again.

Not knowing where we what kind of decor we were going to have created some problems while registering for our wedding gifts! In our apartment, I decorated the kitchen in shades of green... but didn't really like it all that much and knew I wanted to change it up. We decided to register for things that are as neutral in color as possible just to leave our options open. We also really only registered for functional things like utensils and small appliances, and almost no decor items... except the bedspread..... which I already posted about here.

But that's okay, because it's fun to not be pigeon holed into picking out decor items that are carried at the place where you registered! In our case, that was Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, which I love, but I also love having the freedom to pick things out from wherever I want!

I have been looking at kitchen decor for weeks now, ever since I had the job interview. I've decided that TURQUOISE is going to be one of the main colors in our new kitchen. I'm SO excited about this.

I am obsessed with this....

And this...

These last two are pictures of the same kitchen. I almost passed out when I saw this sink. Do you have any idea how obsessed I am with farmhouse sinks? Like, REALLY obsessed. I WILL have one some day.

And one more...

But because we probably won't be able to paint or install fancy new cabinets and appliances... nor will I probably ever have the balls to paint my cabinets turquoise, I am going to have to settle for some pretty turquoise accessories. Like this one...

I am EXTREMELY excited that I have already begun my collection!! I recently ordered these two things from Funky Vintage Lovely, and they came in the mail this past week.

Sweet light turquoise desert stand

Chalkboard frame/recipe card holder. Probably my new favorite thing in the entire world!

This necklace was also an impulse buy at the last minute, but I love it. I'm wearing it today for the first time and have already gotten several compliments on it from people at the office.

Go check out Funky Vintage Lovely by April Kennedy, AND April's blog! You will be instantly addicted (I was), plus she is SUPER sweet to work with. {And no, she didn't ask me to post this... I'm just really excited about my new stuff :) }


{april kennedy} said...

awww...what a sweet post. thank you! I LOVE those turquoise cabinets too. And that farmhouse sink...I will have one of these days...soon hopefully! Your FVL items look lovely in your kitchen and I love that you got sweet compliments on your necklace!

zesovela said...

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Beth Nordlund said...

where can I find this sink? Beth in Alaska

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